Information Relating to Contractual Engagement of Young Fellow in the Action Research Project for Sustainable Development through Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP)

Eligibility Criteria for Selection of Young Fellow

  1. Post Graduate in Economics, Rural Development, Rural Management, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Development Studies and similar disciplines (the term on PG degree may be relaxed in case of Engineering graduates) from any recognised university.
  2. Minimum academic standards: 60% marks in Secondary (Class X) or equivalent examination; 50% marks in Higher Secondary (Class XII) or equivalent examination in any discipline; 50% marks at Graduation level in any of the above-mentioned disciplines; and 50% marks at Post Graduation level in any of the above-mentioned disciplines.
  3. Proficiency in writing and speaking English and Hindi and also the regional language where s/he will be posted.
  4. Appropriate attitude to mix, develop rapport and work with Elected Representatives (ER) and functionaries of Gram Panchayats (GP) and rural communities in remote rural areas and strong commitment to work on mission mode for rural development.
  5. Keenness to undergo thorough induction level training to be organised by NIRDPR and Mission Samriddhi and pass the standards to be set for eligibility for final deployment.
  6. Knack for Capability Building & Training mainly through demonstration and handholding support to ERs and functionaries of GPs and rural communities.
  7. Soft skills including proficiency in MS Office (especially Word, Excel & PowerPoint) and capacity for online reporting.
  8. Uncompromising consent and keenness to stay and remain immersed in remote rural areas and to undertake extensive travel within the allotted Cluster of GPs by own means.
  9. Capacity to work for prolonged hours.
  10. Age: 25-30 years as on 1st July 2019.
  11. Proficiency in English and either Hindi / Marathi / Assamese is a must
  12. Prior experience in the given field of work will be given preference.
  13. Relaxation in academic standards and other eligibilities may be considered in very exceptional cases as per discretion of authority.

Tasks to be performed by Young Fellows (reporting to Programme Coordinator)

  1. To conduct training mainly through demonstration and handholding support to the ERs and functionaries of GPs, rural communities and other stakeholders under the allotted Cluster in overall institutional strengthening of the GPs, improving governance and Participatory Planning through application of participatory tools and techniques.
  2. To provide handholding support to the GPs under the allotted Cluster in planning and execution of IEC Plans to enhance participation of people in preparation, implementation and monitoring of GPDP in close collaboration with identified NGOs / SHGs / CBOs / line department functionaries and communities.
  3. To provide handholding support to the GPs under the Cluster in organizing effective Gram Sabhas, collection of Primary and Secondary data including GIS-based data, situation analysis and preparation of Development Status Report by each of the GPs under the Cluster.
  4. To coordinate with block administration and local line department offices pertaining to the Clusters of GPs and obtain their support in effective implementation of the planned activities under the Action Research Project for Sustainable Development through GPDP.
  5. To provide handholding support to GPs in adding exemplary values to GPDP with focus on human development, social development, SDG compliance, transparency, accountability etc.
  6. To provide handholding support to GPs in application of Panchayat Enterprise Suites including PlanPlus and Action Soft.
  7. To provide handholding support to GPs in preparation of draft GP Development Plan & Budget for 2019-20 and onwards in collaboration with Beacon Panchayat Leaders and identified NGOs / SHGs / CBOs / line department functionaries.
  8. To travel extensively in geographically separated remote GPs under the Cluster and monitor progress of the project related activities to ensure sustained progress and quality of outputs and outcomes.
  9. To prepare and submit progress report to the Programme Coordinator and all others concerned as per requirement of the programme.
  10. To discharge such other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by authorities for successful implementation of the Project on mission mode.

Tenure of Contractual Engagement

Tenure of contractual engagement will be one year for the present – may be extended up to three years on satisfactory performance of the incumbent, subject to continuation of the Project and discretion of authority.


The MSHARP Young Fellow stipend provides an all-inclusive monthly grant of Rs.30,000 (taxable), categorised as follows:

  • Basic sustenance grant of Rs. 17,000
  • Housing allowance of Rs. 2500
  • Lump sum conveyance of Rs. 4250
  • Mobile allowance of Rs 1000
  • Monthly deduction for Health, Medical Insurance including accidental cover and hospitalization of Rs 250

The remaining Rs. 5000/month will be cumulated with interest into a Recurring Deposit and will be paid only at the end of the 3 year Project term upon successful completion. Successful completion is a cumulative outcome of performance appraised for all the 3 years of the Project. This lump sump amount payable is taxable. However if the Young Fellow has to leave during the project period either voluntarily or due to termination, then this amount will be paid out to him under the following conditions. If he/she exits before 12 months, then no amount is paid out. However, after the 1st year, if the Young Fellow exits, then the cumulated amount till that point in time less any deposit breakage penalties will be paid out.

Other Conditions of the Job

The other conditions of the job e.g. leave, health insurance etc. will be regulated by the rules and norms of the MSHARP HR policy that will be handed over on hiring.

Documents, Email Address and Last Date for Application

Please apply with the following attachments:

  • Covering letter as per format provided
  • CV as per format provided
  • A 300 word personal essay on your motivation to join the programme and your fit for the position.

Please email the above to with the code MSHARP YF in the subject line.

In case of further clarifications do write in to with the code MSHARP YF in the subject line.

The last date of receipt of applications is June 10, 2019. All forms and documents to be filled up strictly in English only

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